when the postman ….. makes a mistake

This is one of the typical things – that happen and should not.

I treated myself to a new Raspberry PI earlier this week and ordered from Amazon. As pretty much standard today, I could track the shipment on DHL’s page and saw that the packages was delivered due to DHL at an agreed upon place as I was not home…..
So coming home, I looked at that place – and my parcel was not there. So the search started. Neighbors said they had seen the postman at our place. Still, the parcel was missing and no-one around had picked it up for us. So, 2 options remained:
1) somebody had stolen it
2) there was something wrong in the delivery flow
Luckily I was able to catch the postman today – who we know for a few years now and who is a great guy. I asked him and he said, he could not remember putting anything down for us – but he did around the corner and said he would check to see if he made a mistake – 10 min later he delivered my parcel.
Obviously I could have gone through the official complaint process, but I though it would be much nicer to ask him before doing so -and that clarified the whole situation as he made a mistake. No big deal.
The whole story reminds me of one important lesson I learned: It is usually not a bad thing to talk to each other before going mad at somebody else. There was an easy solution to the problem, and often there is.
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