back in motor cycles

There was one thing I moved away from some time ago – and back into earlier this year – which was riding a motorcycle.

Those who know me for a longer time know that I always owned a motorcycle and sold my Bandit 600 in 2008 as I had a different focus in life and also (more from a practical aspect) no ability to securely put it anyway. So when my father decided to sell his Honda CBR, I also made the decision to sell my bandit.
Honestly, I rarely missed it ever since, but in the more recent years I started to think about getting back into motor cycles more frequently again. I had a chance to buy an old Suzuki Intruder – which I always liked – but that did not work out. So when a good friend of mine offered my to ride his 35 yr old CX500C – I could not really resist. Honestly, the first few rides were feeling strange, I had to replace some gear as well. But after a few rides I really started to enjoy it again big time. It is really nice to be able to ride with friends on the weekend and have a good time.
But what I realized within a few month was that the CX500 was nice to get back into riding – but not a bike that I would really enjoy a lot. So I started to seriously think about getting something I would really enjoy again. To make a long story short – it ended to become a Honda Hornet finally, with a little more power than I originally wanted, but as it drives nicely and the insurance is more than reasonable, I could not resist.
So now, since a few weeks, I enjoy riding even more! And what a difference it is in the Odenwald area – the Hornet is a great bike for the area, it is keeping a nice speed on the curvy roads and has a good package in terms of security features. And – the most important thing to buy the hornet was – it was feeling right from the very first moment sitting on the bike, from the very first kilometer.
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