The blog ain’t dead

I know, I have not posted for a while – again. Things are very busy currently for me on all ends. There are a few things I really wanted to blog about, but until now I have not really found time to do so. But I will get there.

Now that the first big event of the year is over (IBM Connect), I hope that things fall back into a descent order and the rush before the event moves back into normal madness. But I keep saying, after I was not sure (again) how IBM connect would be this year, I was pleased with the event and the new location. After it felt really weird not walking into the Dolphin but the Hilton Orlando this time, I really was used to the venue by Saturday. And of course, the event is about the people, it is not about the location. I guess most people came to this very same conclusion very quickly.
For me personally IBM Connect is becoming more and more busy every single year. Where I had some time on Sunday to talk to friends and Business partners, the rest of the week was almost completely booked with client and partner meetings. I barely got to see people during the event I wanted to see. But hey, it is work, the meetings is why I am at the event.
On the more personal side, I managed to had a few really good times, especially the penumbra dinner (as every single year) and the Australia Party. And I did not get a lot of sleep – also same thing as always. I think I made 25hrs in total during the whole 6 days …. And of course the thing that we all were concerned about, the bar closing at 11p did not happen. I remember us still sitting there at 1:30 a Tuesday morning with me noticing I better go to bed to be ready for my 8a client meeting (which then did not happen).
So, in summary, I do share the positive view on the event, although we had better guest speakers in previous years – but the conference is about IBM Collaboration Solutions, not the guest speakers.
One last notable thing was that I upgraded to premium economy for my flight as I had to spend miles – I think Lufthansa is achieving exactly what they want – they won’t loose one client from Business class. So, it was nice to have a little more leg room (food was exactly the same, we only had a personal bottle of water), so I am not entirely convinced it was worth 30k miles each way. But it was definitely a little more comfortable than regular economy. So if I had the opportunity to fly premium Economy, I would certainly do that again. It is definitely better on a 10 hr flight than regular economy.
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