few thought (technical stuff this time)

I know I have been quite for a while. There are plenty of things to do at work and around work – but all good.

Recently I just started a really dumb thing: Upgrading my Laptop from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS. That experience was not great, the machine froze in the middle of the upgrade process and did not start afterwards (only with the fall-back USB stick). I am still not sure what the issue was, but I found a few things to be really tricky after the upgrade as I was expecting a few hick-ups to get started again.
a) I absolutely HAD to disable the security chip on my thinkpad, otherwise Ubuntu won’t start.
b) I turned off UEFI
c) I keep having issues with USB – likely because of an external USB hub that has an external power supply. Removed the power supply, will see if that makes a difference (seems to be a known problem)
d) I had the issue discribed here with the mei module. Did blacklist it
e) I am also experiencing issues with NFS shares. I used to mount them during boot time from my QNAP NAS, but that seems to REALLY slow down the boot process significantly. Removed that for now
So far, so good, still a few more things to fix, but getting there. Luckily my company Thinkpad was the last machine to be upgraded. Of course timing was bad as I had to urgently work on a few things on a deal in parallel ….
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