Kodi reinstallation

Today I did setup a Raspberry Pi 3 to replace my very old- single core Raspberry that was running XBMC first, later Kodi, a freeware Media center player. So if people are looking to get a simple, just working media center player that can connect to NFS shares, Windows (SMB) shares and can also stream from the Internet and support DLNA as well as Airplay – here you go (assuming of course you are not afraid of a Linux commandshell, if so, use a Windows PC 🙂 )

The setup of the PI (4th one in our house) was nothing but a breeze. Downloaded Raspbian, followed the install instructions. Then the Raspby is pretty much up and running, you only need to run the raspi-config command to grow the file system and setup a few other things.
Installing kodi is simple “sudo apt-get install kodi” – to get it started automatically, set the autostart value in /etc/default/kodi to 1.
So far so good. But I had some issues getting video to work. Of course, I was missing the codes, but I don’t think that was the only problem. What was really missing is you have to give the gpu minimum 256 MB of RAM to work properly. This can be done with the raspi-config under advanced config and A3 Memory Split.

Now I was able to populate the media library and everything works like a charm. It is significantly faster in its response time than the old model. so the whole media player is now around 60€ – not really bad. To not keep more devices than I needed I retired an old netgear player immediately.
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