fixing a long term Ubuntu boot issue

I am an Ubuntu user – for years. For work and personal use. But lately I was struggling with my Thinkpad T530 during boot. It would just freeze during boot process. After I had to do an emergency update 2 weeks ago the issue went from “happens twice a week” to “happens every boot”, with me trying to boot the machine several times yesterday before it would come up. So I took a few minutes yesterday to write down the error messages, read blogs and look for a solution.

What became obvious was that it was related to ACPI – power management and the Laptop screen. I had seen the machine hanging during boot there multiple times but only yesterday I really digged into the issue. Lenovo Thinkpads (amongst a few others) have specific ACPI settings and packages – which seem to be part of the V4 kernel these days (at least no additional packages). I think I am running a configuration which is not really common as I think most other users are not experiencing issues.
Anyway, to make a long story short, I found this article yesterday. It gave me the right hint as the issue was related to the Backlight of my LCD (that was the error message during boot). So I followed the suggestions and tweaked /etc/default/grub from



GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash thinkpad-acpi.brightness_enable=1 acpi_backlight=vendor”

after this change, you need to update Grub by running

sudo update-grub

to write the changes to your actual Grub config. Now for a few boots the machine das what it is supposed to to – it simply boots. Good achievement before moving to vacation later today 🙂
P.S.: To be honest, I only partly wanted to blog about this 😉 What I mostly wanted was to make a note somewhere so I could find it when needed 🙂
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    An interesting, similar situation here.

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