moved to an iPhone

Those of you who know me for a while know that I am convinced in using Linux and Linux based systems. So after I moved to a Mac for work a few month ago I now also swapped my last Android phone out a month ago.
Basically there is a very simple reason for it. I am playing with Gadgets quite a bit and like to support good new ideas when I can and it makes sense for me. One of the latest gadgets was pace, a dongle for the car that enables a set of nice features like understanding error codes and tracking. And this gadget – amongst some others were not working for me anymore. Meaning, I had outages and data was not captured correctly.
My impression was that the bluetooth stack on my Nexus 5x was becoming more and more part of the problem. Google is doing monthly updates but the problems remained.
So with these issues (also on a few other gadgets) and a support statement that said: “… yes, we have problems with a few Android phones and don’t know why ….” I really started to think about an iPhone for personal use as well. And it got supported by the noise around the number of security updates Google was shipping in the monthly updates.
The final push was given to me by a security consultant from my company who was also saying that he is really concerned about Android and Apple had done a good in documenting their security practices.

So – I am now using an iPhone and it works well. It’s not perfect, but it feels more stable than the later experience w/ the latest Android versions.

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