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Migrating Windows 10 from a spinning disk to a SSD

A few weeks ago I helped a friend with his computer, an older HP based desktop machine. What I noticed when checking his installation was that his HDD has some issues and as part of upgrading the machine to make … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Android and iOS

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE I have been mentioning it in the past to people in direct discussions, but I stumbled across an interesting article today: Even if this text is in German – it … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Opel

Seit ich denken kann bin ich Opel gefahren. Gar nicht, weil ich irgendwie die Marke besonders toll fand, sondern weil unsere Familie immer Opel gefahren ist und ich auch über sehr lange Jahre Autos bei einem guten Freund kaufen konnte, … Continue reading

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Wir kaufen Dein Auto – ein kurzer Erfahrungsbericht und eine Warnung

Ich habe vor einigen Monaten von meiner Firma das Angebot bekommen, einen Firmenwagen zu nehmen. Da ich bisher einen Opel Insignia gefahren bin (dazu in einem anderen Post mehr), der ein Euro 5 Diesel war, war das Angebot nicht nur … Continue reading

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More than 6 month with SUSE now

For those of you based in Germany , you know that the first 6 month in a new company are somewhat special, as there are special rules for both sides on an easy and early termination of the contract. So … Continue reading

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Traveling with Deutsche Bahn ….

Diesen Post schreibe ich dann doch mal wieder in Deutsch, weil es das ganze einfacher macht und auch eher an deutsche Leser als an internationale gerichtet ist …. Ich bin seit einigen Jahren wieder vermehrt mit der Bahn unterwegs und … Continue reading

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I have to make a confession …. ;-)

After this topic came up twice this week and people were majorly surprised by this, let me make this more public – I am a part time Vegetarian 🙂 And I enjoy it So, let me put some more meat … Continue reading

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quick come back to IT security and privacy

While having dinner with friends yesterday we talked about IT security for moment. One of them basically said he was totally surprised, that websearches he had done on Android show up on his iPhone as well. He is not an … Continue reading

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IBM sells Collaboration Business fully to HCL – few thoughts

Those of you who know me for a longer time know that I have been part of IBM’s Collaboration business for a very long time and have recently left IBM. With the announcement last week, I must admit I do … Continue reading

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Nasty VMWare snapshot problem

This is a more technical post this time, but maybe it helps somebody who has a simliar problem. So…. I was called late last week by a friend. She runs a local family business and her question was if I … Continue reading

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