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10 days on a Mac

For those of you who know me, you guys know that I am a Linux lover. I switched to Ubuntu completely a few years ago, for work and for personal computer use, wherever I could. Yes, there is still a … Continue reading

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Was ist ein guter Vater?

Meine Frau hatte mich vor einigen Wochen darauf angesprochen, bzw vorgeschlagen, bei einem Interview zum Thema “moderne Väter” für eine lokale Zeitschrift mitzumachen. Zunächst fand ich den Vorschlag reizvoll und interessant, aber kurz vor dem ersten Termin gab es einige … Continue reading

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fixing a long term Ubuntu boot issue

I am an Ubuntu user – for years. For work and personal use. But lately I was struggling with my Thinkpad T530 during boot. It would just freeze during boot process. After I had to do an emergency update 2 … Continue reading

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Kodi reinstallation

Today I did setup a Raspberry Pi 3 to replace my very old- single core Raspberry that was running XBMC first, later Kodi, a freeware Media center player. So if people are looking to get a simple, just working media center … Continue reading

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few thought (technical stuff this time)

I know I have been quite for a while. There are plenty of things to do at work and around work – but all good. Recently I just started a really dumb thing: Upgrading my Laptop from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS … Continue reading

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The blog ain’t dead

I know, I have not posted for a while – again. Things are very busy currently for me on all ends. There are a few things I really wanted to blog about, but until now I have not really found … Continue reading

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back in motor cycles

There was one thing I moved away from some time ago – and back into earlier this year – which was riding a motorcycle. Those who know me for a longer time know that I always owned a motorcycle and … Continue reading

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when the postman ….. makes a mistake

This is one of the typical things – that happen and should not. I treated myself to a new Raspberry PI earlier this week and ordered from Amazon. As pretty much standard today, I could track the shipment on DHL’s … Continue reading

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IT Security thoughts

It seems that this week a couple of IT Security related things are crossing the wire – so I really want to quickly share 3 of those to make my non-IT friends a little more sensitive about this topic… I … Continue reading

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Ubuntu and Unity – quick hints

As those of you who work with me on daily basis know, I moved all my machines to Linux, more specifically to Ubuntu a couple of years ago. And I am a happy camper – most of the days. Last … Continue reading

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