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Nasty VMWare snapshot problem

This is a more technical post this time, but maybe it helps somebody who has a simliar problem. So…. I was called late last week by a friend. She runs a local family business and her question was if I … Continue reading

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fixing a long term Ubuntu boot issue

I am an Ubuntu user – for years. For work and personal use. But lately I was struggling with my Thinkpad T530 during boot. It would just freeze during boot process. After I had to do an emergency update 2 … Continue reading

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Kodi reinstallation

Today I did setup a Raspberry Pi 3 to replace my very old- single core Raspberry that was running XBMC first, later Kodi, a freeware Media center player. So if people are looking to get a simple, just working media center … Continue reading

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Ubuntu and Unity – quick hints

As those of you who work with me on daily basis know, I moved all my machines to Linux, more specifically to Ubuntu a couple of years ago. And I am a happy camper – most of the days. Last … Continue reading

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